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Just a lil filler before the real big North Island adventure

This is just a mini-post to keep the fans (my mum) happy while I make progress on the next one. A picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll make up for it that way.



After I finished my little solo van tour, I had two weeks to fill before starting my Kiwi Experience bus tour. A lot of this was spent hostel-hopping around Auckland, as it seemed everywhere was booked up.

I was lucky enough (and by that I mean I spent two days refreshing the Ticketmaster website) to catch a last-minute ticket to see the All Blacks vs Australia at a sold-out Eden Park, and the rain mostly held off too. All Blacks smashed the Aussies of course, and how many people can say they've seen the actual All Blacks Haka on their home turf.

The following day I decided to check out where my new Siemens New Zealand office would be, and explore the area. What's that? Why yes I did decide to come all the way to the other side of the world to take the exact same job as I had at home. Plus it is a six month contract in the city that everyone said to get out of as quick as possible. However it does pay better and it's not in Camberley sooo... My main fear was actually turning down this job and then struggling to find one later on when I was more desperate. Finding a job in Australia was a struggle and a half and I did not want a repeat of that.

One Tree Hill sunset

One Tree Hill sunset

I visited the nearby Cornwall Park, and joined the hoards of sheep just roaming about, then climbed One Tree Hill (just another volcano in the city, you know...) to catch the sunset. Classic me. Is it even a blog post from me without mention of a sunset?! Sadly, and shockingly, neither Nathan nor Lucas Scott were at the top to meet me.

I also had to try to find somewhere to live, which proved much trickier than expected. Turns out nobody in Auckland wanted me to live with them. I can cook and I don't take up much room, plus I have 10/10 banter of course, so really it's them who are missing out. That's what I tell myself as I cry myself to sleep in yet another hostel bed, anyway...

I seemed to spend my life bussing in and out of the CBD to look at rooms in houseshares, only to be told "it was great to meet you but we've decided to go with somebody else" over and over. Quite a competitive market with multiple people vying for each place super quickly. Maybe I should have tried to sell myself more, like a job interview: "I can cook but I won't go off like Gordon Ramsay", "I'm clean but not like some super neat-freak", "I'm social but not clingy", "I'm not too loud but not too quiet". Gotta get the balance right so you don't come off like a sociopath. That bit comes later, once you've moved in and your name's on the contract.

In between house visits I did fit in a little trip to Tauranga. The weather was quite tragic the day I got there but miraculously cleared up for a gloriously sunny climb up Mount Maunganui (yes, another volcano). Was quite hard work but the views (and the ice cream at the end) were definitely worth it. That night we went to a local bar for a cheap roast - although what they call a a roast here is quite insulting - and to watch the local men sing some karaoke ballads. What a time to be alive. The drinks were not cheap enough for any of us to join the men on stage for a duet.

Views from the top

Views from the top

Finally managed to open a bank account here too, and get a tax number and sort out all my job paperwork. Plus I had some copywriting work to finish, so yes I spent two days of my "working holiday" in the public library. They are very useful resources so we should save them all from closing, FYI.

All the gear and no idea

All the gear and no idea

My last night in Tauranga, I spent kayaking in the dark! That was pretty cool, if not a little eerie at times when you literally cannot see 1m in front of you and you're just paddling into darkness. The coolest part though was seeing the glow worms. If you've never seen them in person before they are pretty amazing. However also inCREDibly hard to take photos of with just a phone, especially when in a kayak that doesn't stay perfectly still. From looking at my pictures you might call them glow sperms.

Enjoyed(!!!) one more night in a hostel in Auckland before embarking upon the Kiwi Experience tour the next day. I promise (maybe) that the next blog will be more exciting and will not be such a long wait... It should include Hobbit holes and jumping off 45m high platforms...

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Glad your packing in lots of adventures, hope you’ve managed to find somewhere to stay !! Have a very Happy Christmas and carry on with the blog xxxxxx

by Fran Harker

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